sábado, 6 de abril de 2013

I'm back!

Yes, after 4 years, i'm back.
This is what happened: I became a hardcore drug addict; weed, extasis, LSD, poppers, farmaceutics and the  worst of all: cocaine. This is something i'm not proud of but the past is in the past. I was in rehab more than a year, it as the most beetersweet experience of my life, it helped me a lot because if I wouldn't went there i'll be dead. I lost 30 pounds when I was there, those were the most happy days of my life, I was kind of perfect haha. The only thing I wanted to do was to go outside and scream "I'm skinny, now do you have something to say to me?, I'm not fat anymore!" But that feeling didn't last long.. Now, 6 months after been realised i've gained 10 pounds, I just feel like shit. Yesterday I was watching some pictures of me when I as in rehab and the only thing that came on my mind was I CAN! yes I do and we all do, we just have to try harder. 

Smoke a cigarrette, drink lots and lots of water, eat less and if you didn't do WHATEVER you can to eliminate all that fat that you have just put in your body! And above everything don't believe when your, family, friends or boyfriend tell you that you're skinny, believe it when you KNOW you're skinny, when your clothes don't fit, when the scale tells you you are where YOU want to be, when everyone turns to look to you when you pass by, that will be the moment hen you know you are there. 
Here is some thinspiration for you, because we all can, we just have to be strong, and work together!